Pi Squared uses zero-knowledge (ZK) technology in a correct-by-construction and fundamentally unique way, which allows a universal and disarmingly small ZK circuit to provide verifiable-computing correctness guarantees to all languages and virtual machines (VMs) alike, without any translation to a common language, VM, or instruction set architecture (ISA).

Pi Squared is building a Universal Settlement Layer (USL) to make blockchain/language/application interoperability seamless and completely eliminate the need for traditional yet notoriously buggy language implementations such as compilers, transpilers, or interpreters. Pi Squared’s USL is built upon recent advancements in ZK, formal semantics, and logic reasoning techniques.

The Pi Squared project is led by UIUC professor Grigore Rosu, founder of the K framework and of Runtime Verification, and consists of researchers and founders of successful projects in formal methods, blockchain, and AI/ML.

We are building Pi Squared, a universal proof system solution to efficiently and correctly verify the execution of any program in any programming or virtual machine (VM) language.

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